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National Brand Water Pumps Nevada – Utah

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Delivering pump and pump systems reliability, quality and service since 1969.


National Pump Well Pumps Nevada & Utah


We are an authorized distributor for National. Please Contact Alternative Drilling if you have any questions about any National Pump Products or feel free to email us.

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National Vertical Turbine – Deep Well Pumps

National Pump can cover all of your deep well needs, from precisely matched discharge heads, tubeline assemblies and column pipe, to custom impellers and bowl assemblies to deliver consistent pumping capacity

National Pumps are hard at work around the world providing dependable service to municipal water systems, agricultural irrigation, mining and industrial applications, as well as some of the world’s premier golf courses.

Water or Oil Lubricated
Threaded or Flanged Construction
Capacities to 15,000 U.S. GPM
Pressures up to 1,500 PSI (3,465 ft. TDH)
1,500 HP


Deep Well Pump Specifications

National Pump has available two specifications for Deep Well pumps, Product Lubricated and Oil Lubricated.


National Submersible Turbine Pumps

National Pump’s submersible turbine product line is the most comprehensive in the industry. Ideal for commercial, industrial, agricultural and municipal applications, National’s submersible pumps are designed to provide trouble-free operation over a long working life. They are capable of producing capacities to 15,000 GPM, pressures up to 1,500 PSI (3,465 ft. TDH). All 6″ pumps are threaded construction; 7″ – 24″ pumps are flanged construction. Cast iron enameled bowls combined with precision balanced bronze impellers give the highest efficiency and performance possible. Motor brackets are designed to accept all NEMA flanged motors. Special material construction is available upon request.


Vertical Deep Well Pumps can be used where shaft elongation problems are created by very deep settings or when the well is not straight.
Vertical Booster Pumps can be installed in open sumps for many applications where flooding can be a threat to surface mounted motors, where space is at a minimum and where appearance prohibits surface installations.
Horizontal In-Line Booster Pumps work efficiently to provide constant added pumping pressure that may be required in the line. They may be installed at any angle.


Alternative Drilling is also an authorized distributor for National brand pumps, both vertical turbine or submersible 4″ – 24″.

Alternative Drilling Company LLC

775-388-3910 or 775-397-2374

NV. LIC# : 0073955

UT. LIC# : 834